Making happy knitters and crocheters one stitch at a time!

Knit on Pearl

Margaret Brady, the boss

Margaret Brady, Owner

Margaret -- the least bossy person we know -- took over as top dog at Knit on Pearl in November 2016. Margaret is usually at the shop on Wednesdays, and pops in a lot the rest of the week, with son Max and dog Rufus in tow. We're so happy to have Margaret steering the mother ship.

Carolyn Little, fanatic


Carolyn has worked at Knit on Pearl since she moved to Jackson in 2008. Carolyn Knits compulsively. There is no fiber conundrum too large, nor gauge too small. Teaching and helping customers at Knit on Pearl keeps Carolyn sane. For this, her family is thankful. Carolyn is often lurking around the shop on her off days, but you'll almost always find her there on Monday mornings and Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Steph Williams, Director of Mirth


Self-taught and brilliant, Stephanie can get even the most tangled knitter out of a jam. (Tho she is also is uniquely skilled at getting the most beautiful yarns tangled on the winder...)  Steph is most often spotted knitting exquisite cashmere blend sweaters. Look for the pink bike in the rack outside, and you'll know Stephanie is here to help. You'll find her there for sure on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Nancy Fauntleroy, Zen Master


Nancy is just the kind of person you want to find when you walk into a knit shop. Her humble demeanor belies her breadth of knowledge, particularly since she has only been knitting for a few years. Nancy knows our stock inside out and can help find the perfect yarn for your project. You'll find Nancy's smiling face here on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. 

Mags Shale, Black Diamond Knitter


Mags hails from north of the border, but has been in Jackson long enough to be considered a local. Her penchant for comfy sweaters keeps Mags knitting late into the evening after a long day working on the slopes. We are so lucky to have her energy running the show on Saturdays, with the help of her "mini me" daughter Cadel and adorable pup Maisy.

Robbi Farrow, Knitting Yogi


Robbi is the newest member of the Knit on Pearl team, but one of the shop's OG customers. You'll find her at the shop on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We haven't been able to stump Robbi with a knitting puzzle yet, but we keep trying!